GOD at the Construction Site Cheering Up Kids 😁👌🏻

April 17, 2018



He was passing by late at night at Bandra …. and he saw that the Metro construction workers were playing cricket 🏏… he pulled the car aside and joined them to bat ! 😄😄👍👍

Sachin Tendulkar can do this yes he can he is a legend and still so down to earth 🌏

Unbelivable watch the video and see it for yourself.

Sachin Tendulkar Playing With Kids On Streets Of Mumbai

The one who show off doesn’t have talent but want everyone’s attention. Sachin never lacked talent and he got a lot of attention for it. This can’t simply be show off. If someone denies the biggest civilian award of the country just saying that it should be given to someone else then he is not humble. And that’s why whatever Sachin did was the most Important thing to do which was to remain down to earth and going back to his roots that night was astonishing.


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