Tendulkar Was Not Guilty Of Ball Tampering

March 29, 2018

In the wake of the ongoing probe into the Australian cricket team in the third test against South Africa where we all witnessed a disturbing still funny act of CHEAT in modern day cricket.

Which could result into a life-time ban for Captain Steve Smith.

So they don’t need SHERLOCK to come and find the evidence no its not required coz the yellow tape was visible yeah I mean really visible though one of the accused Bancroft tried to hide it in his under pants it was still visible coz everyone saw that. Come On ! Bancroft what were you thinking we have a dozens of live HD Ultra motion cameras with zooming as good as watching the craters of the moon right here from planet Earth. So why would someone do so as ex Australian Wicket Keeper Adam Gilchrist mentioned in a morning interview on TV that this is a shame that a youngster had to do so in panic as the leadership has asked him to do so.

Now this is real example of what happens in real life I mean all you readers who work in any Corporate will understand this act. The management makes a plan and executes it and if it fails a young team member has to face the music. This is unbelievable what we saw.

Even someone calm and sensible like Rahul Dravid was found guilty of ball – tampering during India’s 24-run victory over Zimbabwe at Brisbane. Dravid was caught by the TV cameras rubbing a cough lozenge on the shiny side of the white ball and was fined 50% of his match fee.

tampering issues
Rahul Dravid Ball Tampering


Waqar Younis use to work with his fingers on the ball to tear the stiches or remove the dirt (leather mostly) in order to gain reverse swing in the early stages but mostly in the last 10 overs. Waqar was caught in the year 2000 for ball tampering in a triangular cup again it was the kookabura ball.

caught on camera - cricket
Waqar Ball Tampering incident.

 In year 2010 Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi was caught on camera biting the ball during a ODI against Australia in Perth and Afridi was banned for two T20 internationals who can forget that mouth watering stunt by BOOM-BOOM.


boom boom hungry
boom boom so hungry to win the match for pakistan


image courtesy – sky sports

Philander scratching the ball with his fingers and the repeating the same using his thumbs during a test against Sri Lanka was found guilty and fined 75 % of his match fees.


In 1977 England paceman John Lever applied vaseline to get more swing. I mean really ?


There are many more such instances of ball tampering by Faf du Plessis , Michael Atherton ,Chris Pringle have all done something or the other with the ball.

Coming to the main event On 24th April master blaster Sachin Tendulkar will be 45 years so we would like to tell you a secret about him even he wanted his team to win.

In the year 2001 it was the same opposition South Africa in the second test Mike Denness the match referee accused Sachin of using his fingers to remove the seam of the ball to generate swing for fast bowlers.

Sachin informed BCCI that he took sometime with the ball and he was removing the dirt and it may have looked as if he was tampering with it ICC suspended Sachin for the next match what happened after that was amazing it was more like someone saying Michael Jackson’s moves are flawed and guess what nobody will believe you. BCCI came into the picture and analysis were done and then BCCI the Indian Cricket Board came to the conclusion Sachin was not guilty as he was just removing the dirt and it appeared to Mike as if he is tampering with the ball.

BCCI said there will be no third TEST if you don’t  reverse the decision and we might pull out of the third test . Though the third test never happened ICC lost the battle by reversing the charges and apologizing to the MASTER .

“God of Cricket”  WINS AGAIN

We wish you an amazing life and thanks for that sound coming out of your bat and ball racing down to fence for FOUR


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