Kuttu aur Singhaare ki Poori Recipe

April 25, 2018

Ingredients of Kuttu aur Singhaare  ki Poori

  • 1 Cup Kuttu flour
  • 1 Cup Singhara flour
  • 1 Medium Potato (boiled)
  • To taste Sendha namak
  • For frying Oil

Key Ingredients: Kuttu flour, Singhara flour, Potato (boiled), Sendha namak, Oil

How to Make Kuttu aur Singhaare ki Poori

1.Mix Kuttu flour & Singhaara flour in a bowl add Sendha Namak to it.
2.Grate the potatoes & add to the flour mixture.
3.Add water gradually & knead it well to make dough. Let it rest.
4.Make small dumplings of the dough of equal proportion.
5.Roll the dough into small round sheets.
6.Deep fry in oil to get nice brown colour.
7.Serve hot with Vrat wale Aloo ora bowl of Kheer to go with it.

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